80 Gifts From Jesus

The 80 gifts from Jesus are not mere trinkets but powerful tools to be wielded in service of the Kingdom. These gifts, imbued with the essence of the divine, are ours to utilize whenever needed.

Scattered throughout the scriptures are the promises that undergird these gifts, each one a testament to the boundless generosity of our Savior. And within these promises, we find the very words of the Holy Spirit, visions, and interpretations illuminating the gifts’ true nature.

To dwell upon these gifts, to meditate on their purpose and power, is to fortify ourselves against the machinations of the demonic. For in understanding the depth and breadth of what Jesus has provided, we arm ourselves with the knowledge and confidence to walk boldly in the light, unafraid of the shadows that would seek to ensnare us.

Gifts from Jesus include the freedom to use them whenever needed. The gifts are in random order. All links contain scripture promises. Many links will contain Words from the Holy Spirit, visions, and interpretations of a particular gift. Dwelling on the gifts from God is an excellent way to protect yourself from the demonic.

All 80 Gifts from Jesus have a link to an informative website. Many are inside links, and all outside links have been reviewed.

Jesus Christ Is The Greatest Gift of All

  1. Gift of Love
  2. Gift of spiritual protection
  3. Gift of Eternal Life in Heaven
  4. Gift of power
  5. Gift of joy
  6. Gift of peace
  7. Gift of a sound mind
  8. Gift of living above circumstances
  9. Gift of Spiritual Truth
  10. Gift of ability to forgive others  (Mat 6:12; 18:27; Eph 4:32)
  11. Gift of the Secret place
  12. Gift of faith  (Jam 1:6, Phil 1:25)
  13. Gift of a kingdom that cannot be shaken (Heb12-28) 
  14. Gift of the anointing of the Holy Spirit (1John 2:20)
  15. Gift of inner healing (My Presence) (Inner Healing)
  16. Gift of physical healing  (1 Cor 12:9)
  17. Gift of helping others  (1 Cor 12:28)
  18. Gift of light to my soul  (John 8:12)
  19. Gift of a church  (1 Cor 11:18)
  20. Gift of a shield   (2 Sam 22:31)
  21. Gift of patience (Gal 5:22)
  22. Gift of strength (Psalm 28:7)
  23. Gift of spiritual armor (Eph 6:13)
  24. Gift of deliverance (Dan 6:27)
  25. Gift of righteousness (Eph 6:14)
  26. Gift of sacrifice (Rom 12:1)
  27. Gift of prayer  (1Cor 14:14)
  28. Gift of hearing God’s voice (Rev 3:20)
  29. Gift of adoption as God’s child (Rom 8:15)
  30. Gift of knowing you are precious to God (Ps 116:15)  
  31. Gift of a good night’s sleep  (Pr 3:24)
  32. Gift of the Word of God  (Heb 4:12)
  33. Gift of salvation  (Ps 27:1)
  34. Gift of cleansing of your sin  (1John 1:7)
  35. Gift of the favor (Ps 5:12)
  36. Gift of witnessing 
  37. Gift of thanksgiving (Ps 26:7)
  38. Gift of His gentleness (Gal 5:23)
  39. Gift of self-control (Gal 5:23)
  40. Gift of a clean heart  (Ps 51:10)
  41. Gift of high priest (Heb 7:26)
  42. Gift of comfort (Is 51:12)
  43. Gift of the ability to order your life (Ps37:23)
  44. Gift of our rest (Heb 4:11)
  45. Gift of mercy (Heb 4:16)
  46. Gift of grace (Eph 2:8)
  47. Gift of a friend who will never leave you (John 15:13)
  48. Gift of a guidance for your life (Ps 23:3)
  49. Gift of living water (John 4:10)
  50. Gift of the delight in Him (Ps 37:4)
  51. Gift of equipping in every good thing (Heb 13:21)
  52. Gift of overcoming the evil one (1John 2:13)
  53. Gift of purity (1 John 3:3)
  54. Gift of abiding in Him (1 John 3:24)
  55. Gift of the power of His resurrection (Phil 3:10)
  56. Gift of Hope
  57. Gift of righteousness (Is 61:10)
  58. Gift of dreams and visions (Joel 2:28)
  59. Gift of His presence (Jude 24)
  60. Gift of His refuge (Psalms 46:1)
  61. Gift of His safety 
  62. Gift of His strength (Psalms 59:11)
  63. Gift of His security
  64. Gift of courage
  65. Gift of rest
  66. Gift of the mind of Christ
  67. Gift of discipline
  68. Gift of signs and wonders
  69. Gift of impartation
  70. Gift of understanding 
  71. Gift of angels (Psalm 91:12)
  72. Gift of help
  73. Gift of prophesy
  74. Gift of pleasure 
  75. Gift of His will 
  76. Gift of wisdom
  77. Gift of blessings of good things
  78. Gift of Lovingkindness
  79. Gift of abundance
  80. Gift of compassion.

Jesus Gives Infinite Gifts to His People

80 Gifts from Jesus is a minute amount of the gifts to His people. Spiritually connect to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will bring to your mind the gifts needed for situations in daily life.

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