17 Lies Demons Tell Christians

17 lies demons tell Christians

Demons whisper 17 lies that demons tell Christians, each tailored to exploit our individual vulnerabilities. These deceptions aim to throw our emotional balance off-kilter – pushing us towards either excess or deficiency.

The demons know that if we accept these lies as truth, they gain a legal foothold to infiltrate our minds and hearts. They can wreak havoc from there, sowing seeds of doubt, fear, and confusion. But we must be vigilant, for the Word of God provides the antidote to these toxic falsehoods.

Through steadfast faith and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can expose the demons’ schemes and stand firm in the truth. Do not let these 17 lies take root – cling instead to the promises of our loving God, who has already secured our victory.

Guard Your Mind

In addition, Christians, guard your mind.  Spiritual discernment of the Holy Spirit exposes any demonic lies.  Measure thoughts that enter your mind.  Exercise spiritual battle when necessary in all your days and nights, 24/7.

Sometimes, there is difficulty in identifying demonic lies from your own thoughts. Demonic lies demons tell Christians are thoughts that attack out of nowhere. For example, you can be thinking about going to a movie. All of a sudden, you are thinking, “I am rejected.” This is a demonic thought.

Never dwell on these demonic thoughts. The longer you dwell on them, the stronger the demon. Demons are crafty and will know that they can put a thought into your mind, and you will probably dwell on it. More demonic attacks will come into your mind. If you do not battle, they will be faster and more intense, and the demon will get stronger.

lies demons tell Christians

17 Lies Demons Tell Christians

Demon:  I am rejected.

  • God:  I am accepted.   (Eph 1:6 and Psm 139:17

Demon:  I feel guilty.

  • God:  I am totally forgiven. (Eph 1:7, Psm 103:3)

Demon:  I am inadequate.

  • God:  I am adequate. (Phil 1:7: 2 Cor 3:5)

Demon:  I am fearful. 

  •  God:  I am free from fear. (2 Tim 1:9)

Demon:  I am not very smart.

  •  God:  I have the wisdom of God. (1Cor 1:30)

Demon:  I am in bondage.

  •  I am free. (2Cor 3:17)

Demon:  I am unlovable/unloved.

  • God:  I am loved (John 5:19)

Demon:  I am unwanted.

  • God:  I have been adopted by God, and I am His child. (1 John 3:1)

Demon:  I am hopeless.

  • God:  I have all the hope I need. (Rom 15:13)

Demon:  I have no strength.

  • God:  I have God’s power. (Eph 1:1)

Demon:  I feel condemned.

  •  God:  I am blameless. (Rom 8:1)

Demon:   I feel alone.

  •  God:  I am never alone. (Heb 13: 5-6)

Demon:   There is nothing special about me.

  •  God:  I have been chosen by God. (1Cor: 6:11)

Demon:   I am not good enough.

  •  God:  I am perfected in Christ. (Heb 10:14)

Demon:  I am defeated.

  •  God:  I am victorious (2 Cor: 2:14)

Demon:  I can’t reach God

  •  God:  I have access to God.  (Luke 10:19)

Demon:   I feel inferior.

  •  God:  I am designed uniquely for God’s purposes. (Psm 139:12)

Always Be Alert to the Lies Demons Tell Christians

What are demonic thoughts?

What do they do?

Demonic thoughts are like viruses. Just like viruses are spread by a person’s body through contact with another person’s body fluids (e.g., saliva), demonic thoughts are also spread by contact with another person’s thoughts.

Here are five examples of demonic thoughts in the Bible that are similar to a virus.

1. Necessity (natural vs. spiritual). Satan uses demonic thoughts to command people to do things that are needed but not realistic. For example, some people may feel forced to pursue a career in the arts, math, etc., because they must do this to succeed.

2. Positioning. The devil will often use demonic thoughts to make you feel that you are second-best.

How do you battle spiritually in the mind?

Pray to God: “Dear God, help me feel your presence and have the courage to meet evil where it lives. Help me to use the weapons of peace, honesty, humility, forgiveness, empathy, respect, love, compassion, and justice to overcome evil in my life, the life of those I love, and the life of this world.”

It is easy to carry on in life, oblivious to the spiritual battle in the mind. But the second you are hit with a thought that you feel is from the enemy or the enemy is attacking you, pull up that thought to reveal what you have thought in your mind. There are two ways you can do this. One is to hear what you have said in your mind and then immediately express a correction.

Keep Your Faith and Pray

Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you peace and love.

Read and memorize scriptures that are most meaningful to you. The scriptures will be in your spirit and soul. The Holy Spirit will attack the enemy with these scriptures. Any of these lies that demons tell Christians will be exposed and dealt with by the scriptures as your battle sword.

Commanding the enemy to leave.

In the Book of Revelation, we read about the battle between the angelic host and the Satanic army: “Then the Angel of the Lord encamps round about them and strengthens them and raises up their spirits so that they walk in the Spirit and have no fear of evils.” (Rev. 19:11)

The battle to break the demon’s hold and free oneself from its evil power is now taking place. This war has been ongoing for centuries, and many modern people who have died and have come back to life describe how the battle had already occurred when they were alive. When you are a Christian, the battle for your soul is ongoing. It is a spiritual battle that you are currently fighting.

The spiritual battle can be described as similar to war in an area surrounded by a demonic wall. The lies that demons tell Christians to become a demonic wall that is temporary as long as the spiritual battle is recognized and fought by you.

This battle is 24/7 awareness of controlling thoughts. No one has to accept the thoughts or dwell on them. Break down that wall with Christian spiritual warfare.


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