Presence of the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit comes whenever He wants-any time of day, no matter what you are doing at the time. Sometimes unpredictable but always a complete blessing to the body, soul, and spirit.

The Holy Spirit is a person. He is a divine being who has been present with God from eternity past and who shares in the fullness of God’s nature. The Holy Spirit works in the world to bring people to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, to enlighten their minds, soften their hard hearts, convert sinners from darkness to light, and fill believers with love for others.

The Holy Spirit is not just a force or an influence. He is a personal being who indwells those who have been baptized into Christ by the Spirit. When we say that someone has been “filled with the Spirit,” that means that they have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which imparts into their new life, love for God and love for others, joy in worshiping.

“Now, the Holy Spirit is the one who will teach you all things and remind you of everything I have said to you.”

The presence of our holy God seeks your permission to be the Lord of your life.  When Holy Spirit draws you,   you will desire to be “Born Again in Jesus Christ and become a new creation.  You ask the Holy Spirit to fill your spirit.  The Holy Spirit never forces, and if you desire to be alone, the Holy Spirit will leave you alone.  

Hearing the Voice of the Holy Spirit:  Obedience is your choice.

The Holy Spirit will begin to speak to you.  There are many ways for a believer to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit.   The Holy Spirit gives revelation knowledge in the Word of God, gives visions, prophesies, dreams, and anointed ministering of healing and deliverance to you and to others through you.

The Holy Spirit will always speak in agreement with the Word of God–the Bible.  Other spirits advise in contradiction to the Bible.  Knowing the Bible totally and in context is vital to test the spirits.

The Holy Spirit promises are in alignment with a holy and just God.  Your bad habits begin to get cleaned up if you permit the Holy Spirit to show you how to overcome self-indulgent thinking, behaviors, and bad habits.    Your ego begins to get smaller, and the presence of God begins to manifest in your life.

In contrast to an evil spirit possessing your mind and body with fear and torment,  the Holy Spirit will give you spiritual fruit and supernatural gifts.  You will have peace of mind, the ability to sleep, the ability to care for your body in a balanced way, your life becomes orderly and washed clean of bad habits.

How does the Presence of God come unexpectedly?

  • He can come anywhere you are at any time.  
  • Overwhelming presence that usually has a physical reaction such as what some Christians call a “crunchy.”   The crunchy means being doubled over from the waist.  
  • Falling to the ground under the weight of His presence.  
  • Losing breath for a moment.  The Holy Spirit comes but He will respect if I am not in a private place or among other Christians, He will come lighter spiritually so I can tolerate Him physically.  Falling on the floor at work on a consistent basis is difficult to explain.  
  • I heard one man say the presence of the Holy Spirit came into his bathroom so strong when he was just brushing his teeth in the morning.  The man’s reaction was falling to the floor worshiping his Holy God.
  • Feeling heat in your body.
  • Feeling energy that feels like electrical shocks-sometimes big or sometimes small.

How does the Presence of God come when invited?

Believers fellowship together in any surroundings.
The weight of the Holy Spirit can be powerful through corporate worship.
Holy Spirit laughter.
Signs and wonders: a manifestation of glitter, angel feathers in the bible, gemstones, gold teeth, and whatever God wants to do.

Manifested Presence of God

Sometimes the presence of God will manifest when you worship and praise Him.  The presence of God is an awesome and holy manifestation that gives spiritual satisfaction when you cannot hold one drop more of God’s presence.  God’s presence is manifested often when a believer is baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Many people will cry or laugh or sign when they feel the presence of God.  The individual reaction will be different, but the soul and mind are filled with peace.  What a blessing!

The manifestation of God’s presence includes the anointing for spiritual gifts such as healing, prophesy, tongues, and interpretation.

Slain in the Holy Spirit

The manifestation of God’s presence can be so great that we are ” in the Holy Spirit” by falling down under the powerful presence of God.  (When this happens, the person usually falls backward, and there is a Christian assigned to be a “catcher” to ensure that the person falls comfortably to the floor.)  Some people may shake or laugh with joy.  

Falling under the power of God might begin a cleansing process in which you are in the presence of God and begin to cry but really do not know why at the time.  As time passes, the Holy Spirit brings to your mind an experience, hurt, or way of thinking that needs to be changed.   Here is the spiritual connection. The power to change can only be done through the power of the Holy Spirit.


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