Holy Spirit Fruit

Holy Spirit fruit is in the spirit of the Christian.   Christians desire to change personal daily life attitudes to love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self-control, goodness, and faithfulness.  The question is, how can the fruit be accessed in daily life?  

Will Power Can Not Give the Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Fruits are often seen as a symbol of spirituality. In Christianity, the fruit is seen as a symbol of the Holy Spirit and the tree of life. If we take a closer look at this we can see that Jesus said that “A good man brings good things out of his good treasure, and an evil man brings evil things out of his evil treasure” (Matthew 12:35), and that fruits represent the inner qualities and character of a person. We should not eat from those trees with rotten fruits, but those trees with ripe fruits.

The Spirituality of Fruits in Christianity

Will power is not enough to show the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  The human heart is full of a mixture.  Christians can pretend to have the fruit of the Holy Spirit, but their soul has conflict.  For example, the phrase “I love you with the love of the Lord.” Will you help the person in time of need?  Will you show love when the person is unlovable? Do you really care for the person? 

In the soul, basically, you still do not love or care for the person, but “I love you with the love of the Lord” sounds good to others.

Usually, the soul can manifest the fruit of your heart with your loved ones or your special friends.  After all, loving people that love you is generally easy.

Discouragement Leads to Backsliding

Discouragement then escalates to backsliding: 

  1. Not praying as much as usual. 
  2. Not praising the Lord. 
  3. Not meditating on the scriptures.  
fruit of Holy Spirit

Practicing Thought and Emotional Control

Although I am not always successful in living in the fruit of the Holy Spirit,(Wikipedia) there is a supernatural charge that can switch from your emotions to the fruit. Emotions change from chaos and dishevel to the Holy Spirit fruit. 

Knowing your emotions can control your thoughts.  Controlling thoughts and feelings are the spiritual tools of control God gives to all human beings.  Turn your eyes on Jesus.  Concentrate on Him and His way.  

As we can see from this verse, Christians should be careful about what kind of fruit they eat so they do not start to go against their faith or change their character as time goes on.

How to access the supernatural Holy Spirit fruits.

The Holy Spirit lives in the Christian’s spirit.  Yes, the presence of the Holy Spirit can be in the outside atmosphere (church, Christian group gathering, prayer group). Additionally,  you can access the Holy Spirit because He lives in a special place in your spirit.  How does a Christian find that place-the sweet spot of the Holy Spirit?

Actually, that is a spiritually difficult question to answer.  First, find the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Ask the Holy Spirit where He lives in you.  Listen quietly to His answers.  The answers can be different.  For example, pray for strength, praise Jesus,  meditate on how much you love Jesus, etc.  

Most importantly, the answer is to wait for the supernatural fruits to manifest from the Holy Spirit.  You can follow your Holy Spirit’s answers but only the Holy Spirit can produce the supernatural change of fruit in the heart.  Wait expectedly for the fruit to manifest.

For example,  there is a family member that I did not love as  I should.  I asked for the Holy Spirit to change my emotions toward him.  I prayed every day for him. 

One day, I was singing praises to the Lord.  At that moment, I realized how much I truly loved him.  I always love him every day. I appreciate him more.  I wasn’t asking or praying at the time, but the Holy Spirit supernaturally changed my attitude with the fruit of His love. 

In conclusion, the change comes from the Holy Spirit.  This fruit comes supernaturally, either suddenly or slowly.  Anticipate the shift from your soul fruit to Holy Spirit fruit.  Be excited that you no longer have to produce the Holy Spirit fruits on your work and willpower.


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