Holy Spirit Connection

Breath of God

Holy Spirit Connection Can Be Easy or Difficult. Your Choice

The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Trinity. The Holy Spirit is God. Why are there so many experts telling Christians how to access His presence? His presence is a natural flow. Listen, watch and obey Him as He speaks to your spirit. A connection, a sweet spot, gets stronger with practice. Love propels the Holy Spirit connection moves the flow from Him to the Christian and vice versa.

Holy Spirit Connection Is Hearing His Voice

The Holy Spirit will begin to speak to you.  There are many ways for a believer to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit.   The Holy Spirit gives revelation knowledge in the Word of God, offers visions, prophesies, dreams, and anointed ministering of healing and deliverance to you and to others through you. You must be in His power when you participate in the gifts. If you are not in His power, then you are pretending to have these gifts. Do not pretend: get into connection when ministering to others.

.  The Holy Spirit will always speak in agreement with the Word of God–the Bible.  Other spirits advise in contradiction to the Bible.  Knowing the Bible totally and in context is vital to test the spirits.

In contrast to other spirits who promise anything you desire, the Holy Spirit promises alignment with a holy and just God.  Your bad habits begin to get cleaned up if you permit the Holy Spirit to show you how to overcome self-indulgent thinking, behaviors, and bad habits.    Your ego starts to get smaller, and the presence of God begins to manifest in your life.  

In contrast to a spirit possessing your mind and body with fear and torment,  the Holy Spirit will give you spiritual fruit and supernatural gifts.  You will have Peace of mind, the ability to sleep, the ability to care for your body in a balanced way, your life becomes orderly and washed clean of bad habits.

What Activities Christians Need to Bring the Presence of God

Sometimes the presence of God will manifest when you worship and praise Him.  Most Christian leaders will say-praise, worship, meditate on the scriptures, church attendance. One of the most important ways to get into the Holy Spirit’s presence is just to listen and keep watch for His Presence. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He will manifest when you least expect Him to come. The Holy Spirit Connection is being aware of when He comes. He is the leader, and you will connect with Him when you watch and listen to Him.

The presence of God is an extraordinary and holy manifestation that gives spiritual satisfaction when you cannot hold one drop more of God’s presence. God’s presence is manifested often when a believer is baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Many people will cry or laugh or sign when they feel the presence of God.  The individual reaction will be different, but the soul and mind are filled with Peace.  What a blessing!

The manifestation of God’s presence includes the anointing for spiritual gifts such as healing, prophesy, tongues, and interpretation of tongues. The Holy Spirit connection is to trust and obey Him. Do what He is telling you to do. He is the leader of your Holy Spirit Connection.

The manifestation of God’s presence can be so great that we are “in the Holy Spirit” by falling down under the powerful presence of God.  (When this happens, the person usually falls backward, and there is a Christian assigned to be a “catcher” to ensure that the person falls comfortably to the floor.)  Some people may shake or laugh with joy.  

Falling under the power of God might begin a cleansing process in which you are in the presence of God and begin to cry but really do not know why at the time.  As time passes, the Holy Spirit brings to your mind an experience, hurt, or way of thinking that needs to be changed.    

In contrast to the activity of spirits, the Holy Spirit moves with gentleness and peacefulness.  You can always reject these manifestations.  A person who indeed shows these responses to the presence of God is yielded, obedient, and has a strong relationship with God.  Recently,  I experienced the presence of God, and my reaction was that I fell down in the presence of God.   The experience was one of great Peace.  I felt the touch of a kind, loving, firm but gentle Father who cared for me.  

A separation is an option.  You always have control.  If you want to stop following God, you are allowed.  God does not force you to stay. 

The Holy Spirit is a person. He is a divine being who has been present with God from eternity past and who shares in the fullness of God’s nature. The Holy Spirit works in the world to bring people to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, to enlighten their minds, soften their hard hearts, convert sinners from darkness to light, and fill believers with love for others.