Soul Tie Breaking

A Soul Tie is the Connection between Two People That Can’t Let Go

A soul tie is a term used for the spiritual connection between two people that are not related by blood but cannot separate themselves. It is a strong level of spiritual bonding that will not be broken by distance or time.

Soul ties can change or shatter relationships. What is a soul tie? It is the connection you feel with people in your life. These connections can be romantic, familial, or even with close friends. These connections are often established through shared experiences, similarity in interests, or have the potential to be the strongest connection.

“Love at first sight” is a feeling that can happen when two people have a strong connection. This connection is supernatural in the sense that it is not just a feeling that someone is getting, they are actually being pulled in by the other person. When people are being pulled together by this strong soul tie.

Spiritual Debry and Drain

The question of how to detach from relationships by breaking soul ties is a difficult one. Many people carry a significant amount of baggage from their past, or from more recent relationships. This baggage is often referred to as “spiritual debris”, and can feel overwhelming, causing what is referred to as “spiritual drain” where the person feels drained by their past or just not driven or motivated by their current life.

Deep Emotional Energy Connections

This can happen when one person creates a deep emotional connection with the other person. The negative effect of this is that when one person begins to heal and moves on, they are often dragged back into the situation by the other person. This often leads to the person wanting to leave the relationship but feeling trapped because of the constant pull of the other person.

How To Identify a Soul Tie

We all have Soul Ties, which are the people in our lives who make us believe that we can’t live without them. Oftentimes, these people are toxic to our mental health. This article will give you some tips on how to identify these people and then how to remove them from your life.

1. Identify the toxic person

2. Recognize what they’re doing to you – do they criticize you often? Do they hold too much power over you? Are they manipulating your emotions?

3. Decide if it’s healthy to have them in your life – are there any benefits for you being around this person?

4. Remove the Soul Tie

The Negative Effects of Soul Ties

Soul ties are not physical bonds, but they can be just as damaging. Soul ties are energetic attachments to other people that we create through our thoughts and emotions. When we form a soul tie with someone, we feel a very strong connection to them, often without realizing it.

This connection can sometimes keep us from letting go of toxic relationships or even cause us to feel an emotional response when something bad happens to the person who is the focal point of the tie.

When we form a soul tie with another person, both parties end up losing their individuality. The other person ends up taking over our thoughts and emotions and vice versa. We also end up influencing each other’s feelings and behaviors without even realizing it.

It is best to avoid these soul ties because they can often lead to unhealthy dynamics, codependency, and unquenchable feelings of jealousy or anger.

Detach From Relationships

How to Detach from Relationships by Breaking Soul Ties It is easy for us to get too wrapped up in other people’s lives. We fill our days with caring for others and forgetting to take care of ourselves. Inevitably, this leads to a lack of fulfillment and a feeling of being stuck. In order to truly break soul ties, it is necessary to disconnect from the other person. Once the soul tie has been broken through detachment, we can move on and focus on other relationships.

Mental and Emotional Illiness

The first step is to establish signs of being too attached. The person shares too much of themselves emotionally, the person feels they are being smothered, feels they are being taken advantage of, feels they are being used. The person may feel they are being ignored or taken for granted. The person may feel they are not being seen or heard or taken seriously.

How To Clear Your Soul Of Negative Energy From Those Who Hurt You?

There are many ways to clear your soul of negative energy. These include the following:

1) Surround yourself with love and light.

2) Try not to focus on what happened, but instead on positive things that happened in the future.

3) Consider that your soul is healing as time goes by.

4) Forgive those who have hurt you and let go of any anger or bitterness you may be harboring against them.

Soul Ties Breaking Through Jesus Christ

 A soul tie is a spiritual linkage from one person to another.  Demons can travel into this linkage and influence the people involved.  The soul ties can be formed by sexual relationships, friendships, family relationships.  An example of soul ties is when one person still has feelings for another even though the couple broke up 10 years ago.  Ask the Holy Spirit to bring to your memory any unholy soul ties in your life and speak the soul tie breaking into the atmosphere.  Believe that it is done in the name of Jesus Christ.

Declare aloud, “I break all unholy ties between me and _____ in the name of Jesus Christ.  I send back to _____ all parts of him/her that are in me washed in the blood of Jesus Christ.  I return all parts of me in ____ to me. 

Break Curses

A curse can result from an abusive and negative soul tie. Negative words are spoken that can turn into a curse. Break the curse in the name of Jesus Christ.

Readers, stay spiritually safe. Be free to live your life without soul ties or curses that result from soul ties.


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