Inner Healing

Inner healing

Process of Inner Healing

Inner healing is a process that helps a person overcome a variety of personal and emotional problems, such as addiction, codependence, depression, anxiety, and anger. The process is a collaboration between the Holy Spirit and the person. Sometimes, the person may be led to see a trained counselor or psychotherapist.

Inner healing is the process of going deep within oneself to find the root cause of a problem and then developing a plan to overcome it. Inner healing has been around for years, and it is time-proven. Developing a healthy relationship with oneself will help them overcome many problems. Engaging in dialogue with one’s inner being will help them heal from the inside out. A person needs to have a strong belief in a higher power, a belief of hope, and that the love of God will help them become free and healthy in the soul.

Vital to Connection with the Holy Spirit.

God wants you healthy in body and soul to receive His love. The Holy Spirit has so many gifts and fruits in knowing Him. God desires a solid and powerful connection with you. Solid relationships require that you listen and be healthy enough to receive instruction with joy.

For example, the Holy Spirit may instruct you to forgive a person who has deeply hurt you. If your soul is not healthy, you might not forgive, which will interfere with your connection with God. The inner healing connection needs the cooperation of the Holy Spirit and your willingness to do as you feel led in your heart.

Holy Spirit usually does not heal instantly.

Most of the time, inner healing is not instant. You must be able to release the pain to Him. Do not hold on to old hurts in the future.

When we experience varying problems in our lives, our emotions will inevitably change. Surviving a loss, discovering a betrayal, or walking away from a life unlived can be emotions that need healing. But sometimes, the issue is not whether we have been through a profound experience but how we handle the aftermath.

When we find ourselves in a dark place, dizzy with the memories of a past, it is often a time for intense healing. For some, this healing is fast and can be moved through in a matter of days. The process is slower for others and lasts for weeks, months, or even years. The length of this healing process can depend on several factors. It is crucial to embrace this healing time to give this process the time it needs. Do not attempt to move forward in the healing too fast.

Releasing painful emotions is difficult

It can be hard to release old or painful emotions. Your place is to be willing to forgive. Learning to remove them is essential, for it will make you a stronger person. For example, to release these emotions, you must take a deep breath, pray for strength, and then release the pain.

There may be emotional responses, such as crying for emotional release. You may not know exactly why you are crying. Let the tears flow. Pray for the reason you are crying. God will tell you in His timing. Until then, just cry and know that inner healing is in process.

It is also essential to learn how to forgive yourself when you’re having trouble releasing emotions. Forgiveness will help you feel lighter and happier. Whenever you feel a temptation to push a painful feeling out of your mind, find a way to allow it in. These emotions are a part of you, and holding them in will only make you feel worse.

How to Receive Inner Healing

Wikipedia gives a definition “The Inner Healing Movement refers to a grassroots lay counseling movement among Christians of various denominations. It engages the use of prayer, forgiveness, repentance, rejecting lies and replacing them with truth, and processing painful memories to bring emotional and spiritual healing.[1]

The process is complicated, but the time spent doing the exercises is well worth the effort. The two significant aspects of Inner Healing are meditation and looking for visions from the Holy Spirit.

Meditation is about grounding ourselves in the Holy Spirit and getting in touch with the physicality of the body. Meditate on the emotional pain and pray the Holy Spirit will bring to mind all that needs to be released. This might not happen instantly but might take some time, and the pain can be revealed in steps to wholeness.

You might unexpectedly visualize in the imagination who caused the pain and how to release the wound in the soul. Visualization is about creating a safe space within ourselves where we can be silent and still in the space with the Holy Spirit.

Can you do inner healing without the Holy Spirit? The answer is “No.” There might be partial healing, but the soul wound will eventually return. There must be forgiveness for the painful situation. The power of the Holy Spirit will help in the forgiveness process. The person must be willing to forgive.

Holy Spirit connection- Go deeper

  • Pray for the Holy connection to be stronger.
  • Read the Word of God-the Bible
  • Meditate on the forgiveness scriptures.

You will find God’s peace when you complete the inner healing of the soul wound. Always be optimistic that complete healing will manifest.

We may feel unworthy of love and happiness, but these feelings are untrue. We are worthy of restoring our emotional health so that we can experience true joy.

May God keep you in His peace.


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