How To Become a Deliverance Minister

How to become a minister is a step-by-step process of learning a specific ministry. Most people need deliverance, but very few people will come for a deliverance ministry. The people that do come are distraught with demonic thoughts and behaviors.

Deliverance is the process of bringing  Christians to wholeness and freedom in Christ.  The deliverance process involves dealing with curses, forgiveness, wounded parts, and casting out demons.  Deliverance for others should be done in a team.  Each church will have different general procedures on ministering exorcism and deliverance.  It would help if you got to know the pastor and deliverance team.   

Passion for Spiritual Freedom

You should have a passion for setting people free from demons.  Spiritual discernment is critical.  Faith in Jesus Christ and His power is essential.  Demons can sense when a deliverance minister is weak in their faith.  You have to start as an observer with the deliverance team. Stay silent, pray, and carefully observe how the deliverance team ministers to the client.

Members of the opposite sex should not minister to a deliverance client alone.  The deliverance team should be men with men and women with women except during an emergency.  Many sensitive issues embarrass the client with a member of the opposite sex present. (Some deliverance ministries may disagree with mandatory same-sex deliverance teams.)

When To Begin a Deliverance

The presence of God needs to be manifested in the room.  Deliverance should begin with praise and worship.  Invite the Holy Spirit to come and lead and guide the deliverance.  A deliverance minister should be able to discern the manifested presence of the Holy Spirit-other. Another team member should be in agreement.  Teams should consist of one leader, one second, and the remainder to be prayer support and observation.

Deliverance is a very sensitive process for the client.  Assure the client their privacy will be maintained.  Always draw the bloodline of Jesus Christ to prohibit the transfer of spirits to other people in the room when participating in any Christian ministry. 

Please do not attempt deliverance on others until trained by a practicing and successful deliverance minister. A deliverance leader will teach and prepare you to be a deliverance minister. As a deliverance minister, you should be accountable to your pastor and leadership.

The Holy Spirit will lead into phases of the deliverance:  Breaking curses and soul ties, unforgiveness issues, healing of the wounded parts, and casting out demons.   Remember that all problems must be done with the utmost respect for the client.  The deliverance minister is legally responsible for actions in the deliverance.  A team concept is critical, along with good note-taking and (if the client agrees) the filming of the deliverance. 

When To End the Deliverance

Most people are not set free in one session; however, one session is possible with some clients.  Know that God is doing work in the person.  Ask how the client feels when done.  Most will say they feel better, lighter, and filled with peace.  Do not end a deliverance when the client is “stirred up” or a wounded part is manifested.  Keep working until the client has the peace and love of God.  Conclude with a prayer for the client to be filled with the Holy Spirit.   Be sure to “brush off” all burdens and false responsibly that might have been attached to any of the deliverance team members after the client has left the premises.  

Self-deliverance is vitally important when released to go home after the exorcism.  The demons will test the person to try to return to the body.  The person needs to be spiritually strong enough to fight the spiritual battle when alone.  The client needs to wage battle every time he is attacked, or the demons will return.

Brush Off Emotional Attachments

After the deliverance session, the ministers need to “brush off”  any emotional attachments or any demon that may attempt to attach to you.  Your faith must be extremely strong to know that a demon cannot “jump” on you and attach to you.  You are covered by the blood of Jesus, and no demon can penetrate the protection of His blood.  If you are fearful in your emotions, then you need to strengthen your faith before becoming a part of the deliverance team.

Note from the webmaster:

I have been a deliverance minister for twelve years under the leadership of a highly anointed deliverance pastor.  Every deliverance is different. There is no set formula or script.  

As a beginning deliverance minister, your position on the team should be observer and prayer support. Do not attempt to minister deliverance until your training is complete. The team leader needs to release you to be the leader of a deliverance team.  Never risk an exorcism alone.  There should always be another experienced deliverance minister to assist in case there is an unexpected demonic behavior if you do not know how to go forward in the exorcism.  Exorcisms are different every time.


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