Self-exorcism is the process of casting out a demon in your soul. Be aware that stopping a demon is similar to preventing a fatal disease. The earlier the disease is discovered, the more chance of recovery.   Self-exorcism differs from an exorcism performed by a third person. **

Spiritual Battle

Self-exorcism is an internal fight in the thoughts of the mind of the person/host.   Make no mistake, this is a spiritual war.  The person attempting self-exorcism must be an adult who can sort out their own thoughts from demonic thoughts.  The person must be able to care for himself-eat right, get rest, and live life as normally as possible. 

 Self-exorcism is for non-Christians and people who want to stay non-Christians. Know that self-exorcism is not a guarantee of getting rid of the demon.  Self-exorcism is a chance to free or at least control the devil if the person is stronger than the demonic control. 

Get Back Control From Demon

In the beginning, the demon only has light control, and as time passes and nothing is done to fight the demon, then the person’s life is in danger.  Do not expect that taking control back by self-exorcism will be easy.  Demons have many abilities and they will fight for their new home to stay in the soul. Do as much thought replacement as possible.  This might only be a few thoughts per day.  This type of control takes practice and exercise. 

The length of time for gaining control is different for everyone and how deeply the demon possessed the host.  The deeper the possession, the longer it takes-it can take years.   Like physical exercise, the body does not lose weight all at once or turn flab to muscle in just a few weeks of practice.  Discipline must be used to exercise as long as it takes to get the desired results. The demons can still be controlled if you are not a Christian, but it will take longer because you have no power from God, only the control you have within yourself.  Do not quit, or the demon wins. 

Demons Do Not Leave Instantly 

Most people want instant relief by getting rid of the demon fast.  God may intervene and give the person a miracle. A person who is not a Christian can still ask Jesus for help.   God is under no obligation to intervene because the spiritual line of protection was crossed.  

God intervened and got rid of the demon tormenting me, but I fought spiritual battle for four years before the demon left my body.  This was not a formal exorcism, I was sleeping, and my body shook as the demon left my body.   Even if there is a fast exorcism, the evil spirit will still test for spiritual strength throughout the person’s life. Being strong in spiritual battle is necessary every day of the person’s life.

 Exercise Your Control

Control your mind. Try not to permit your mind to be neutral.#Label
Learn the difference between your thoughts and demon thoughts.
Control your body. Never allow any movement with your body that is demonic. control your speech.
Always think about what you want to say first-control your speech.
Realize the battle is for your freedom and existence.  You cannot afford to surrender your control. Control your reaction to nightmares
Never reflect on a nightmare with fear. Control your negative emotions
Never reflect on a nightmare with fear. Control your negative emotionNever reflect on a nightmare with fear. Control your negative emotions.

Will the Demon Leave?

The person should be able to sense when the demon is getting weaker.  There are less chaotic thoughts, nightmares are lessening, there is more peace of mind.  There can attempt to cast out the demon.  The demon may or may not leave.  Demons usually go through a coughing, deep breath, or shaking of the body.  If the demon leaves, it can test you to be sure that you are still strong enough to keep it from re-entering the body.  The person will be tested throughout life.    

In addition, if the person is not strong enough to cast out the demon they should consult with a Christian deliverance team for help.  Remember, this is a fight for quality of life.  This fight for freedom is worth every second of spiritual battle.

Take Care of Yourself

Keep active-force yourself to enjoy life. Take the time to love your family and friends, pet your dog or cat, eat regular meals.  Do not be neutral in any way for demons to disrupt your daily life.  Practice every day until controlling your life activities is easy.

Is Your Own Strength Enough?

Self-exorcism is similar to self-deliverance for a Christian. The person relies on their own strength rather than the strength of God.  Although there is the original grace of God for spiritual protection, the person does not have the power of God.   The person will be spiritually weaker without reliance on the power of God.

If you have read my true story, you know that Jesus Christ showed His power to get rid of the demon that had me in its grip. Even if you do not believe in Jesus, ask Him to reveal Himself to you and meditate on the scriptures that are the words of Jesus in the New Testament.  Memorize the scriptures if you can and replace demonic thoughts with scriptures.  Jesus Christ has the strength to get rid of demons.   My True Story

**There is a fine line between demon possession and mental illness. Take the Do You Have a Demon Test. Go to a mental health professional to be sure to cover all bases. The professional might give you pills that will help you control your thoughts. They can help you sort out your own personal negative emotions and help emotionally heal.


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